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I'm Jake. I like designing, making, breaking and solving things

I am getting a Masters Degree Electrical Engineering, specializing in computer vision, AI, and signal processing. In my free time, I build various open source projects from software to embedded devices to analog music gear. I am currently doing research at UW in the UbiComp lab, specifically, I am working on health screening/sensing mobile applications based on audio, video and other sensor input. Previously, my research was on hybrid electric vehicles and autonomous driving and sound synthesis techniques.

In high school, I designed and built my own electric vehicle by converting a seized Volkswagen car to run fully off of batteries. I went continued contributing to the electric car movement at UW while leading the EcoCar team, then eventually writing production firmware code for Tesla. I am actively working on a handful of open source applications such as rtunes, a cross-platform music discovery app based on crowdsourced data from Reddit.


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  • University of Washington

    B.S. Electrical Engineering

    I enrolled in UW with not much of an idea of what I wanted to do. I dabbled in Art, Mechanical Engineering, Design, Music, Computer Science and settled on Electrical Engineering. I became fascinated with signal processing due to its wide realm of mediums (sound, image, video, data) and made that my focus.

    M.S. Electrical Engineering

    I started working in the UbiComp lab on health and interaction technology. My areas of expertise are computer vision, sound, natural language and machine learning

Work Experience

  • UbiComp Lab


    The ubiquitous computing (UbiComp) research lab, led by Prof. Shwetak Patel, focuses on many areas of ubiquitous computing including novel user interface technology, energy sensing, low-power sensing, health sensing, and activity recognition by applying expertise in sensing, signal processing, embedded systems, circuits, and human-computer interaction. The UbiComp lab consists of an interdisciplinary team of students (CSE, EE, ME, Medicine, etc) to tackle challenging research problems both from building the enabling hardware and software systems to the deployment and evaluation of these technologies in real-world settings. We have close collaborations with Microsoft Research, Oculus Research, Intel, Google, and many other companies.

    • Using signal processing and machine learning to measure lung health and screen for obstructive lung disease on a mobile phone
    • Designing a mechanical pulmonary system
    • Researching methods to measure blood pressure via mobile phone camera
    • Collect data from patients and students
    • Mentor undergrad students
    • Working on publishing my research
  • Puppy.ai


    An iOS dog breed detection app assisted by offline mobile deep learning powered by Tensorflow. puppy.ai is available in the app store via website above. I am responsible for app design and the breed classifier engine and working remotely with an international team of three.

    • Trained Tensorflow CNN model (Python)
    • Designed iOS app and web app (Objective C/js)
    • Deployed app to App Store
  • rtunes.xyz

    Created open source music player that generates hundreds of playlists and stations based on crowed sourced data from Reddit. Select playlists that answer questions such as "What's your favorite song in a language you don't speak", or get a live feed of music as people around the world post it.

    • Open source and used by hundreds of people
    • Built web and mobile apps React Native
    • Distributed desktop app powered by Electron
  • Haiku Deck
    Summer 2016


    A presentation iOS and Web app Seattle startup used by millions. It features Zuru, an AI platform for presentation automation. I contributed to research and development for the Zuru service and its new features that generate presentations from external content such as wikipedia or outlines. Built with Node and React

    • Startup experience
    • Contracted to write production ready code independently
    • Web development powered by React and Node
    • Presented work to board of directors
  • Driver Awareness System

    Video Demo Interactive Demo

    Founded and lead a student team designing a full-fledged driver awareness system to monitor a driver's attention using metrics such as distraction, sleep, phone usage and happiness. Metrics are based off realtime analysis of the drivers face and can be visualized on our simple UI. This concept won Innovative Use of Data (GE) and Best Travel Hack (Concur) at its original unveiling at DubHacks, then 3rd place Consumer Appeal at the national EcoCAR event. Submitted to Amazon Catalyst from 2017 funding

    • Microsoft Kinect embedded vision hardware
    • Vision detection algorithms (C/C++, OpenCV, Matlab)
    • Frontend data visualization (D3 and Javascript)
    • Backend data filtering and processing (Python, ZMQ)
  • Urban Parking

    City of Seattle Parking App Project sponsored by the Seattle Department of Energy to forecast available parking and route drivers to open spots. Forecasting is based on 45 million historical transactions. Future collaboration with the Google Sidewalks Project. Submitted to UW CoMotion for further funding

    • Custom machine learning algorithm
    • Frontend web and Android app development
    • Backend powered by Python Flask
    • Gave several Presentations and project pitches to investors and educators
  • Tesla Integration Team
    Summer 2015

    Model X

    Systems Integration intern on a small multidisciplinary team focused solely on the development of the Model X falcon doors and sensing.

    • Wrote production code
    • Presented and submitted reports to engineering VPs and Elon
    • Contributed to Model X: controls, firmware, sensing, design, validation and testing
    • Created custom data collection and visualization tools
    • Built custom DC motor dynamometer and shared the design with SpaceX engineers
    • High priority project
    • Set up and documented Phase Space 3d motion modeling system
  • Advanced Driver Assist Lead

    EcoCAR 3 Youtube Channel

    Lead the autopilot research team for EcoCAR 3 which aims to design and integrate advanced autopilot features on a 2016 Camaro. Our system is capable of realtime object detection including sign, lane, vehicle and pedestrian detection. Received Second Place for Driver Assist technology (tie)

    • Project Management and leadership
    • Developed realtime vision applications based on the YOLO convolutional neural network framework and deployed on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Embedded Systems Module
    • Embedded Freescale S32V hardware for CAN and vision processing
    • Development in OpenCV and other vision based environments
    • Sensors such as video, ultrasonic, gps and radar
  • Bankroll Bitcoin Miner
    Summer 2014

    One of three working on consumer bitcoin startup project. Contributed to PCB, firmware development, schematic and plastic enclosure. Worked with custom ASIC and the Bitcoin protocol

  • Tesla Power Electronics
    Summer 2014

    Model S

    Power Electronics intern focused on the high voltage electric system for the Model S P85D Insane mode

    • Injection Molded and machined part design and tooling
    • 3d printing
    • Testing and validation on existing parts (temperature and current cycling)
    • R+D for future technology (specifically high voltage fuses, contactors and charging plugs)
    • Creating and implementing professional CAD, drawings, schematics, and PCB designs

  • Electrical Lead

    EcoCAR 2

    Involved in the competition for all three years and became electrical lead in year two and lead the team to win first place electrical team for multiple years

    • Lithium ion battery pack design
    • High voltage training, fusing, simulation, harnesses
    • Modeled high and low voltage systems in Simulink, Matlab and NX CAD
    • Created and implemented professional schematics and wire harnesses
    • Leadership and project management
    • Collaboration with multidisciplinary students, faculty and industry
  • Focused Ion Beam

    Research Assistant for Professor Bruce Darling, UW Electrical Engineering.

    • Simulated circuit boards in Multisim and Labview
    • Designed PCBs with Ultiboard
  • Verellen Amplifiers
    Summer 2013


    Worked in a Fremont, Seattle startup that builds custom boutique tube amplifiers and analog distortion pedals.

    • Board populating and soldering
    • Amplifier schematic design
  • Custom Music Equipment

    Designed, built and sold guitar pedals and analog audio FX for local bands and friends

    • Learned analog electronics fundamentals
    • Became familiar with PCB design, entrepreneurship and part sourcing
    • Lots of troubleshooting and breadboard work
  • Electric Car Conversion


    I designed, funded and converted a gas powered Volkswagen GTI to fully electric while in highschool. Awarded Washington Society of Engineering scholarship upon completion

    • Designed and hand built the high voltage motor controller
    • Sourced all of the components on a budget
    • Built custom metal components and wiring harnesses


Wikipedia Summarizer
Urban Parking App
OpenAI Gym Experiments
Cartoon Filter GUI
Matlab Image Processing Tools
Online Music Scraper
Gaze Tracking
C Instrument Tuner
Supercollider Compositions
Gameboy Color CAD


Driver Awareness System
Dashcam Vehicle Distance
Tesla Model X Falcon Doors
EcoCAR 3
Autonomous Vehicle Simulator
Lane Tracking
Tesla Model S Duel Motor
EcoCAR 2
Electric Car Conversion
Homemade 500 Amp DC Motor Controller

Audio Hardware

Realtime Pitch Shifter
Verellen Amplifiers
Homemade Analog Audio


Smartphone AI
Spiro Sound
Deep Sound Classification
Urban Parking AI
FPGA Pitch Shifter
Cartoon Image Filter
Driver Assist Writup


Pitch Shift
Lane Detection
Electric Car Systems


Phone AI
Spiro Sound
Urban Parking
Driver Assist Consumer Appeal


Battery Pack Design
Regulated Power Supply Design
Amplifier Design

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I grew up in Spokane, WA.

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